Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-In-Chief 

The study of entrepreneurship has a history in itself embedded within organization. It suggests a series of casually connected events which forced processes and organizational members create, innovate, co-create and/or reinvent products or services as solution for survival in its environment. The genesis of the concept entrepreneurship is an unfortunate mixture to balance between business challenges and market opportunities. Establishing an intellectual chain between Aristotle, Max Webber to Joseph Schumpeter is much more a difficult job. However, with great optimism one can connect entrepreneurship is all about substantive idea generation and economic opportunity. In developing countries, the benefit of innovation by entrepreneurs depend on the characteristics on the system of innovation within which they are embedded, access to resources, availability of new technologies, entrepreneurial ecosystem and commercializing new knowledge. Third world nations have realized that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs can significantly contribute to economic development by facilitating resources from less to more productive uses by preforming efficient cost-discovery, generating employment opportunities and supporting structural change in nation building. This journal tries to capture some pattern of salience among major components- Public policy/Government policy decisions to boost SME’s/MSME’s, Fund raising/Crowd funding, Mentoring through Incubators/Accelerators, Role of Angel investors/Venture capitalists, educational institutions and frameworks to promote entrepreneurship. In addition the entrepreneurial outcomes are purely dependent at the individual level and organizational levels resulting from using entrepreneurial behavior as the foundation for implementing any business strategy. To conclude, focus of the researchers must be reconnoitre more avenues to fill the gaps in the existing literature in entrepreneurship and create a platform for exploring better business opportunities.

Let us promote grand ideas!!

Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla 

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Leadership 
Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh